Fuelculture Ford Focus Navigates the Targa Trophy Road Rally with GT Radial Champiro HPYs

April 30 2014

Fuelculture Ford Focus Navigates the Targa Trophy Road Rally with GT Radial Champiro HPYs

Form and function were both taken into consideration when Fuelculture teamed up with Infinite Auto design to build this impressive 2013 Ford Focus ST. Designed with a rare combination of show car styling and high performance engineering, the Fuelculture Ford Focus ST was on display at the Ford booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas last November and recently made an impressive run in the Targa Trophy road rally earlier this month in San Diego. Equipped with radio communication and navigation, this car was constructed to compete at the top of its rally class while maintaining practical, street-legal functionality for consumers.

Entries in the latest Targa event included a stacked lineup of over 100 high performance European automobiles, but the Ford Focus ST performed well and was able to match the pace of most of the Audi’s and Porsche’s in the rally. Joey Redmond of Fuelculture proclaimed that, “Our KW suspension setup really was put to the test and held to the ground with our GT Radial Champiro HPY tires.”

Redmond chose the GT Radial Champiro HPY 235/25ZR19 tires to wrap around the Focus ST’s 19-inch Rotiform wheels. An advanced asymmetrical tread pattern and full silica tread compound combine to give this ultra-high performance tire exceptional cornering ability in both wet and dry conditions.

As the SPEC-powered Ford Focus ST carved its way through the Southern California canyons – en route to the MexiCali border – the Chamipro HPY tires consistently applied the horsepower to the road. Redmond also added that, “I am really just super impressed with our coilovers, swaybars, and tires on the car. We plan to add some aftermarket motor mounts before running the next Targa Trophy round inLos Angeles on June 21st.”

The Ford Focus ST will be competing each of the four Targa Trophy events this year. Fuelculture will also have the car on display at a number of Southern California auto events, including the LA Auto Show and Fabulous Fords car show. You can also follow Fuelculture on Facebook for more information.