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30 Day Test Drive
30 Day Test Drive

You’re gonna love your GT Radial tires—guaranteed!*

This one is easy. Buy a set* of the GT Radial tires below, and try them on your car or light truck, up to 800 kilometers or 30 days, whichever comes first. Experience the performance of GT Radial tires for yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied, just return them to the dealer where you bought them. Your GT Radial dealer will replace the tires or refund the purchase price — it’s your call.

It’s that easy. The GT Radial “Experience the Performance” 30 Day Test Drive. Experience the performance, experience the satisfaction.


  • Selected GT Radial tires purchased after 1/1/16 only. A set is four tires. Offer eligible for CHAMPIRO UHPAS, MAXTOUR LX, CHAMPIRO TOURING A/S, MAXTOUR ALL SEASON, SAVERO HT2, and ADVENTURO AT3 tires.
  • The four tires must be purchased on the same day, mounted on the vehicle indicated on the invoice, and must be returned to the participating dealer where they were purchased within 800 kilometers or 30 days, whichever comes first. This offer is available only to the original purchaser and is nontransferable. Other service charges or applicable taxes are not included. Online purchases are not eligible. Commercial, racing, or off–road use, improper load or misapplication, or damage by road hazards or other abuse, is excluded.

30 Day Test Drive