Tire Registration

Thank you for purchasing your new tires from us!

In the unlikely event of a tire recall or other safety notification, it is important that we have your contact information in our file.

Registering Your Tires is Fast and Easy.

Before you begin, you need to have the following information:

A) Your Contact Information

(Your name and address)

B) Your Tire Brand and DOT Information

(Tire brand and DOT tire identification number(s) from the tire sidewall — see tire picture below — or the sales receipt)

C) Store or Tire Dealer Information

(Where you purchased your tire(s) and the sales receipt)

IMPORTANT: In case of a tire recall, we can notify the tire purchaser ONLY if we have the completed name, address and correct tire identification number(s). Please ensure all information entered is complete and accurate.

    A) Customer Information

    B) Tire Information


    (number of tires)

    DOT Tire Identification Number(s)

    (complete tire identification number - no spaces or dashes)

    C) Dealer Information

    We respect your privacy: This data will only be used in the unlikely event of a recall. We will not use this information for commercial purposes.