“Gift of Sight” Phase 2 launched in Zhanjiang

November 5 2009

“Gift of Sight” Phase 2 launched in Zhanjiang

The first phase of CDPF (China Disabled Persons Foundation) ‘Gift of Sight’, sponsored by Giti Tire, was launched in July 2009. Under this scheme, the first batch of 650 recipients had their operations successfully completed in Huanggang, Hubei.

The second phase in providing free operations to 350 cataract sufferers was carried out in October 2009 in the Zhanjiang region.

Both CDPF and Giti Tire expressed their gratitude to the Zhanjiang Government as they were very supportive of the campaign and pledged an additional contribution of Rmb 1 million ( $146,492 USD)to the cause to enable another 1,000 cataract sufferers regain a new lease of life.

Mr. Wuzhimin, on behalf of Giti Tire, pledging the donation to CDPF.

Official launch of “Gift of sight”.

Most of the patients are very poor.

Mr. Wu Zhimin was taking off the gauze for an elderly lady.