Giti Tire gives back to local communities

February 2 2015

Giti Tire gives back to local communities

Giti Tire is known to manufacture quality tires that exceed drivers’ expectations. What many may not know is that Giti Tire understands its social responsibility and is heavily involved in environmental protection and gives back to global and local communities.

Giti Tire sponsors a sports team that has the same reputation and values; a performing team with compassion for the community.

Under the GT Radial brand, Giti Tire sponsors the Impact Racing cycling team. Impact Racing had their team launch last Saturday, January 10, 2015 and their first race of the season last Sunday, January 11, 2015.

Impact Racing is a group of 20 amateur cyclists who have been racing for several years. It was formed to enrich the sport of cycling by providing an avenue for racers to give back to society both on and off the bike. Members are chosen by their strength and character that they exude both personally and professionally.

The team was introduced to family, friends and sponsors last Saturday at the San Dimas Wine Shop in the city of San Dimas. This gathering was also a fundraiser for the team’s future charitable events. A minimum of 50% of all sponsorship funds will go towards a range of community outreach programs.

Sunday was Impact Racing’s first team race of the season at the Ontario Criterium race series called “The Icebreaker”. It was cold and raining but in spite of this, the team went out and raced showing off the newly formed team and their sponsors. The race ran the whole day and 300+ racers and spectators were in attendance with the GT Radial brand very visible on the course with its canopy displayed in the team’s spot.

Impact Racing proved that they are a team to be reckoned with. The team took home 2nd place in the 50+ race, 2nd place in the 30+ category 4/5 race, 3rd and 6th place in the category 4 race, and 8th place in the category 3 race. Each race ranges from 30 to 50+ participants. The team walked away with cash and gift rewards.

It may seem like an unusual sponsorship for a tire company like Giti Tire, but with performance like this and future plans of giving back to the community, it is no doubt that the GT Radial brand will be well represented by Impact Racing team.