Tire Dealers and Media Impressed with GT Radial in Comparison Tests

March 11 2015

Tire Dealers and Media Impressed with GT Radial in Comparison Tests

Representatives of Tirecraft retail outlets and members of the automotive media were invited to drive on two popular GT Radial tires against premium level competitors in direct comparison tests at an event held in Canada.

They came away impressed, particularly with the performance of the GT Radial Champiro UHPAS ultra high performance tire and the Adventuro AT3 light truck and SUV tire in wet braking and cornering.

Shaun Keenan, editor with Ignitiion Luxury & Performance Magazine, said, “We got to compare the Adventuro AT3 to a number of competitive tires in different situations including wet performance and auto slalom. It had better wet performance than the competitive tires.”

The Adventuro AT3 was developed for light truck/SUV owners who desire a comfortable on-road ride with off-road capabilities in mud, sand and snow.

Backed by a 50,000-mile / 80,000-kilometer limited tread wear warranty (for P-metric sizes only), this new generation all terrain tire is available in a total of twenty R, S and T speed-rated sizes for 15- to 20-inch rims. The Adventuro AT3 fits a broad selection of today’s most popular pick-ups and SUVs, including the Ford F Series and Expedition, Chevrolet Silverado and Suburban, GMC Sierra and Yukon, Dodge Ram and Durango, Toyota FJ Cruiser and Tundra, and many more.

David Shelton, Director of Marketing for Giti Tire (USA) Ltd., said that in addition to on-road comfort and off-road capabilities, the Adventuro AT3 is a stand out performer in the wet. “The AT3 will stop in the wet up to a truck length faster than competitors at 60 mph and it also has superb wet handling,” he noted at the event.

Derek Pilatzke, with Tirecraft in Walkerton, said he was also impressed with the Champiro UHPAS. “It stacks up against the competitors very well at a very good price point for the customer to save some money and still have confidence in the tire they need.”

The Champiro UHPAS is an all season tire for vehicle owners requiring ultra-high performance or grand touring (luxury performance) tires. As event participants discovered first-hand, the tire delivers excellent straight-line stability, cornering grip, and braking capabilities, in both dry and wet conditions.

“It’s an excellent buy for the price,” said Danny Zenber, Regional Territory Manager for TriCan Tire Distributors. “I’m 100% behind GT Radial.”

Lou Monico, Director of Sales and Marketing for Giti Tire (Canada) Ltd., summed up the essence of the GT Radial brand this way: “With the prices of tires going up significantly over the years, particularly in ultra high performance tires, people are looking for good value. GT Radial provides that value along with world-class manufacturing and R&D.”