Drifting Competitor Tyler Wolfson Looking for More Success on GT Radial Tires

April 23 2013

Drifting Competitor Tyler Wolfson Looking for More Success on GT Radial Tires

Drifter Tyler Wolfson of San Diego made quite a splash last year in his first year driving on GT Radial tires.

He scored four podium finishes out of his first six Pro-Am events on GT Radial Champiro HPY tires and then capped the year with the championship at Thunder Drift RD 4.

This year, Wolfson is moving up to compete in the Xtreme Drift Circuit Series. “We are really excited because this means not only competing with better drivers in faster cars, but also we get to travel the whole country skidding the Mazda on our GT Radial tires,” he said.

Team Wolfson has been making some changes to their Mazda RX-7 in preparation for the Xtreme Drift competition. “Prepping the car for 2013 is all about refinement for us. We believe we ended 2012 in a really good place, and we want to build off of that,” Wolfson explained. “Our first focus has been on making small adjustments to the suspension and alignment settings to try and gain more mid-drift grip so we can pull away from our competitors. We also have a few tricks and new pieces that are going on the car to increase horsepower.”

Wolfson added, “As far as our tires are concerned, we’re in great shape! As a driver, it is extremely hard to find performance without sacrificing something, but my GT Radial tires seem to be the exception to that rule.”

Wolfson will be competing in these Xtreme Drift Circuit events:

• May 19 — Central Florida Racing Complex, Orlando, FL
• Aug. 4 — New Hampshire Motor Speedway
• Oct. 19 — Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA
• Nov. 23– Atlanta Motor Speedway

He’s filling out his 2013 schedule with other exciting events as well, so stay tuned. You can keep up with Wolfson’s exploits on the GT Radial USA Facebook page.

For event details and ticket information, visit www.xtremedriftcircuit.com