GITI Tire USA Introduces Online Training Program for Dealers and Consumers

April 17 2013

GITI Tire USA Introduces Online Training Program for Dealers and Consumers

GITI Tire USA is launching Tread Academy, an online training program designed to inform North American tire dealers and consumers about GT Radial tires, as well as useful information on tire technology and maintenance.

For tire dealers and technicians, the GT Radial Certified Professional Program is a quick and straightforward way to learn specifics about products and become certified in various program modules.

The modules focus on all product segments such as: sport and performance, winter tires, passenger car and minivan, light truck tires, introduction to commercial tire sales, and advanced commercial tire sales. When a new product or test is added, users will get an email inviting them to update their certification.

The site, which is PC, Mac, iOS and Android compliant, contains study guides that explain the market positioning, target vehicles, target consumer profiles with photos and descriptions, and tread features. Dealer personnel will learn the key selling points on GT Radial products available in North America, ranging from passenger tires to medium/heavy truck tires. Also included is background information on the company and important facts about tire classification, manufacturing materials and more.

Each module operates as a mini test; once users pass, they move on to the next module. Users can download and print their module certificates.
“Our dealers play an absolutely critical role in communicating the features and benefits of GT Radial products to end users,” said Julianto Djajadi, vice president of marketing for GITI Tire USA. “Our goal is to help dealer personnel understand everything they need to know to effectively assist and advise their customers.”

Joe Anzelmo, senior manager of advertising and promotions for GITI Tire USA, said the online site is user friendly. Participants see only what is relevant to them and are able to easily track where they stand on completing the various modules.

In addition to the dealer training modules, Tread Academy also informs consumers about the key features and benefits of GT Radial products, as well as detailed information on tire maintenance and basic tire technology.

“Informed consumers are good for our entire industry, and we certainly feel that the more they know about the technology and quality that go into our tires, the more they will consider GT Radial for their next tire purchase,” Anzelmo noted.