Driving on an Ice Rink? Are you Kidding Me?

September 29 2011

Driving on an Ice Rink? Are you Kidding Me?

A group of North America’s top automotive journalists got to do just that at the Expocite rink in Quebec City last February, driving on GT Radial Champiro IcePro winter tires. They also tackled two icy outside courses and received winter driving tips from professional instructors.

Here’s what automotive journalist Luc Gagné had to say on the popular Canadian automotive website, auto123.com:
“GITI Tire Canada offers two new models under the GT Radial brand. Both the Champiro WinterPro and Champiro IcePro deliver good performance at an affordable price.”

“The IcePro’s directional tread can receive studs, making it an ideal solution for demanding drivers who regularly face some of the worst winter conditions. Meanwhile, the Champiro WinterPro is designed for urban drivers.”
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According to Paul “Willy” Williamson, the automotive editor for the Winnipeg Free Press,
“Although GT Radials are clearly marketed with value in mind, I recently had the opportunity to test them out in winter-driving conditions in Quebec City and was impressed with their performance.”
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Here’s what well-known automotive writer Jil McIntosh had to say,
“My frosty morning proved two things: that GT Radial is serious about becoming a larger entity in the Canadian marketplace, and that with the right tools, it’s possible to get through just about the worst that winter can throw at drivers.”
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“We want drivers to have the same mindset as professional skiers who know how critical it is to have the right equipment and technique,” says Tom McNamara, vice president of sales for GITI Tire in North America.

“Driving on purpose-built winter tires and using the proper driving techniques create both confidence and skill for dealing with the worst that winter has to offer.”

A studdable winter tire, the GT Radial Champiro IcePro has a specially designed stud distribution that provides excellent grip and handling in severe ice and snow. A lateral groove pattern design effectively removes slush and ice from the contact area. It fits a wide range of cars, vans, pickup trucks and SUVs.

Don’t let winter dampen your active lifestyle! Handle anything that Old Man Winter throws at you
– rain, snow, ice, sleet and slush
– with the GT Radial Champiro IcePro and a full range of GT Radial winter tires..

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