Welcome, Patrick Gunn: Director of Sales & Marketing Commercial Tires North America

August 13 2014

Welcome, Patrick Gunn: Director of Sales & Marketing Commercial Tires North America

Giti Tire is proud to announce the addition of Patrick Gunn to our North American management team. Patrick’s 30 years of experience in the tire business makes him the ideal candidate for his new role as Director of Sales and Marketing Commercial Tires, North America. Gunn is an experienced tire with a versatile skill set and a “Can-Do!” attitude.

What will your primary duties be as the new Director of Sales & Marketing Commercial Tires, North America for Giti Tire USA?

My primary responsibilities include providing direction and oversight for our sales development and market share enhancement for commercial tire in North America. Our commercial development includes providing and capitalizing on sales opportunities and management utilizing a strategy of direct channel and dealer footprint expansion, marketing focus and increasing brand awareness. New Product development, ongoing product and performance training and Sales talent management and development are key components of our goal and focus.

Where did you start your career in the tire business and what other positions have you held in the past?

I started 30 years ago as a Territory Manager with Michelin Tire (3 Years). I held positions with Bridgestone as Commercial Sales Representative TBR (3 Years), Bridgestone Regional OTR Sales Manager Northeast (3 Years), Regional General Manager Southeast with GCR/Bridgestone 17 Years). Vice President of sales with Fletchers Cobre Tire (2 Years).

If you could pick a Giti tire that matched your personality, which one would it be and why?

GT876: It is a wide base, mixed service tire that accomplishes many versatile tasks. Possesses a large carrying capacity, which enables it to carry a heavy workload. Utilizing a flotation design to prevent it from getting bogged down.

When you’re off the clock, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Family, Reading, NCAA FBS Division College Football, Recreational Boating, Motorsports and Classic Automobiles.

What is your hometown and what are some of the things that you love about where you’re from?

Overland Park Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City MO. It is a perfectly sized American city in the heartland, embodying Arts, culture, pride, BBQ and down home values.

When you were interviewing for the job, what was your answer to the ultimate question: “Why should we hire you?”

Because I will give it all that I have and work culturally to bring a team sense of accomplishment and “Can-Do!” attitude to all tasks, challenges and assignments.