Giti Tire Wins General Motors Corporation Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 2012

September 28 2012

Giti Tire Wins General Motors Corporation Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 2012

September 28, 2012 Giti Tire received the General Motors Corporation (“GM”) Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 2012. This is the seventh time Giti Tire has been awarded since year 2005. GM instituted this new recognition award for top-performing suppliers who meet or exceed a set of rigorous criteria focusing on quality performance from tens of thousands of suppliers globally. Giti Tire achieved this award for its outstanding quality and service.


Global Selection of GM

Each year, GM will recognize those suppliers who have demonstrated the highest level of quality performance over the previous twelve months. The 2012 award covers the period from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

GM regained the world’s top selling automaker last year. Significant improvement on quality of products is the key factor of its progress after the restructure. GM regard their continuous improvement is directly related to the progress and a shared commitment to the quality of its suppliers.
“The quality of Giti Tire is outstanding among GM suppliers globally” GM information center said in the award letter. Currently, suppliers of GM are from the worlds’ top enterprises.

Giti Tire wins with quality

This is not the first time of Giti Tire is awarded with the recognition of GM. Prior to this, Giti has been awarded for excellent performance by GM and its subsidiary, which includes twice of GM “GM Supplier Merit Award”, and 4 times GM Brazil Supplier of the Year award.
The relevant person in charge of Giti Tire said, this award highly acknowledged the quality of our tires, and the dedicated efforts we have put in as well. Giti Tire is implementing Quality Management; which inspects quality strictly to make sure every part meets the needs and standards of the automobile industry.
“Giti Tire will always pursue high quality product and keep the promise of reliable tires and services to customers. With this quality assurance, we will provide safer and superior tires to car manufacturers and end users while keeping progress and development in this industry. ”
It is understood that Giti Tire has become one of the most important global suppliers of GM. Besides China, the cooperation has expanded to many other regions and countries, including Brazil, Mexico, India and Colombia, etc.