How Would Your Tires Perform in 140 Degrees?

October 29 2011

How Would Your Tires Perform in 140 Degrees?

A group of GT Radial dealers got to do just that at Firebird Raceway outside Phoenix and came away impressed after putting the tires through the paces with ambient temperate reaching 115 degrees and track temperatures soaring past 140 degrees.

“We’ve been selling GT Radial for about two years now. Down here in the Arizona heat, tires are critical. The GT Radial is a good tire for us . . . good price and good handling. We tested some GT Radial Champiro 228’s at Firebird Raceway and they performed excellent . . .around the corners, stopping and accelerating.”

– Tim Whitehead of Ed Whitehead’s Tire Country

The GT Radial Champiro 228 performance touring tire is available in 15 sizes (50 to 65 series) for 16- and 17-inch wheels. It is offered in H and V speed ratings for a wide range of performance touring vehicles.

The Y-speed-rated GT Radial Champiro HPY is available in 17 sizes (35 to 50 series) for 17 to 20-inch wheels. It is designed to deliver outstanding cornering and traction capabilities for today’s sports cars without breaking the wallet.

“We started carrying GT Radials in January 2010. It is now one of our top selling brands. The HPY did a great job; complemented the car; wore great with 40 to 50 people on multiple laps.”

– David Wilson of Ken Towery Tire

“We’ve been a GT Radial dealer for about five years now. It’s a fantastic product. Got to do some hot laps at the GITI Event; some excellent avoidance driving. The tires worked out phenomenally. I was very impressed with the quality of handling and the ride of these new tires. When I talk to my customers about GT Radial, I talk about the value of the tire.”

– Ron Henslin of C&R Tire

Tire dealers consistently mention the value GT Radial tires deliver to their customers, and that once their customers experience the performance of the tires, they come back for more.

“The typical consumer for GT Radial is looking for a quality product that performs comparatively with the bigger name tires, but someone interested in saving a few dollars versus a name brand tire. GT Radial is that tire.”

– Dan Slagle of S&S Tire

“We started introducing GT Radial to the Canadian Market in 1993. It’s the best possible technology at an affordable price. It is really a good price point and the technology that the big guys are offering without the price.”

– Marc Michaud of Maxdan Tire

All of the dealers walked away from the full-day Arizona event ready for a cool glass of water in the shade and very impressed with the performances of the GT Radial Champiro HPY and Champiro 228 tires in the most challenging of conditions.